We also offer private lessons to anyone looking for education more tailored to specific needs and different learning styles.

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Below is a sample of the courses and sequences offered at the Academy:


  • Beginning Drawing I -  Line and Value Development - B&W

  • Intermediate Drawing II - Cast and Still Life - B&W 

  • Advanced Drawing III - Complex Cast and Still Life - B&W

  • Beginning Figure Drawing I - Basic Human Anatomy

  • Intermediate Figure Drawing II - Dynamic Human Anatomy 

  • Advanced Figure Drawing III - Motion and Narrative

  • Beginning Oil Painting I

  • Intermediate Oil Painting II

  • Advanced Oil Painting III

  • Portrait Painting

  • Watercolor Painting 

  • Linear Perspective

  • Beginning Illustration

  • Intermediate Illustration

  • Advanced Illustration

  • Animation - Traditional Cell & Digital

  • Digital Photography

  • Landscape (Plein Air) Painting

  • Beginning Figure Sculpture

  • Intermediate Figure Sculpture

  • Advanced Figure Sculpture

  • Color Theory and Color Mixing

  • Introduction to Visual Arts Appreciation

  • Contemporary Critical Discourse (Advanced)

  • Portfolio Preparation and Presentation

  • Business and Ethical Guidelines and Practices

There are several tracks of study at the Bend Academy of Art which will be determined through the registration process. The student and Academy will choose the appropriate track based on the individual's desired level of training and commitment.


The tracks are varied to offer the most complete and comprehensive options for anyone who wants to study at the Academy. These are the options available:


  • One Day Visiting Artist Lectures / Workshops / Seminars / Critiques

  • Two Day Workshops / Seminars

  • Week-Long Extended Workshops

  • Study Abroad Extended Workshops

  • Eight Week Basic Training Courses (One Full Term)

  • One Year Full Training Program (Two Consecutive Terms)

  • Two Year Full Sequential Training 

  • Three Year Advanced Sequential Training

  • Fourth Year Teacher Assistantship (Awarded by Academy Board upon acceptance of application and completion of Three Year Sequential Training)