Portrait Painting From Life: Starting with the structure and proportions of the human head and face, students will then review basic facial features and expressions. Next, the course will cover different methods of “blocking in” and underpainting to establish an accurate likeness and sense of character. The later part of the course will focus on color temperatures, value accuracy, and edge control to bring emotional narrative content to your portrait work. Students will work in oil paint (and watercolor if so desired) and will have live models, skeletons, plaster casts, and anatomy charts to reference in every session. Personal and group critiques, presentations of relevant artists, demonstrations and ample one-on-one time from the instructor are included given the small group size.













Class description coming soon




Class description coming soon

Figure Painting - Long Pose: Offered for all skill levels. Covers the topics of gesture, sight-measuring, proportions, structural anatomy, foreshortening, seeing and rendering values, edges, color relationships and introducing emotional content and narrative into your figurative work. Includes two poses, each fifteen hours long with time for gestures, sketches and color studies in preparation for each final painting. Students will work in any painting mediums they choose with live models, skeletons and anatomy charts daily. Personal and group critiques, presentations of relevant artists, demonstrations and ample one-on-one time from the instructor.

Intermediate Oil: An intermediate course with extensive practice in oil painting. Emphasis is on the development of critical and conceptual skills as they relate to artistic creation. Intermediate studies in form and structure from observation utilizing still life the human figure.

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Advanced Oil: An advanced course with an emphasis on individual artistic expression and “technical narrative” development. 
This course is a continuation of the intermediate painting class. Students will be pursuing advanced concepts, principles, and techniques of painting with an emphasis on the human figure and portrait. Advanced studies in form and structure from observation while implementing a conceptual approach to figurative/representational image-making will be the focus. Attention is on the individual development of painting theory, self-expression, and techniques. Students are expected to assume a substantial responsibility with regard to direction, motivation, and content. Prerequisite: Intermediate Oil Painting II or special review and acceptance by Instructor.


Watercolor for All Skill Levels: This course will be a fun, relaxing yet in-depth introduction to the history and methods of watercolor painting. The information will be gathered through lectures, group discussions, research and studio work. Specific topics covered will be; pigment, brush and surface selection, color mixing and color theory, traditional vs. non-traditional techniques and setting up your working space for studio and outdoor painting. Exploration through developing a working strategy for the chosen subject to be painted will be a focus. Subject matter and assignments will include still life, Plein air (outdoor landscape) and cityscape. Personal and group critiques, presentations of relevant artists, demonstrations, ample one-on-one time from the instructor and outdoor painting excursions (weather permitting) are included.